Meet Our Senior Pastor


Gary W. Melvin

 Highland First Baptist Church.... Where do you meet God daily? Do you have a special place, or time? I am a FIRM believer that if we practice meeting God daily, it will, in return, make everyday very Special. 

 Think of meeting or calling on God, everyday to receive that, in which He has in store for you! What a wonderful thought you and God, talking it over, getting it sorted out, and you enjoy the peace the day brings. 


Let me, Your Pastor, encourage you to daily get closer to God. He is still the answer in spite of what this world teaches. Church it's like this; if we spend our time reading wordly books, watching wordly TV, and mixing with worldly people, we will soon find ourselves a wordly follower. 


But I believe if we draw close to God daily, keep company with Christian friends, pray daily and often, worship as we should, and study His word, then we will truly represent a Holy God who calls us His children. 

 I was called by God into the ministry in 2003. Prior to that I was a Deacon, Sunday School teacher, Sunday School Director and involved in all areas of the church in which I served. 


In 2008, I was called to Pastor Highland First Baptist Church. It is an honor to serve the members and people that attend our services. We hope that you will find Highland First Baptist Church as friendly and loving as I do. Please come visit us. Visitors are our honored guest.


  If you plan to visit, please let me know by going to our contact page and filling out the short form found there, or you can email me directly at