Worship Ministry

Meet our Music Director

Hannah Pheil

 I'm very thrilled to be apart of an amazing and incredible church family, who has helped me grow closer with Christ as I embark on my journey in this world. I have been asked by many people, what made me want to learn music? Like most children when their parents sign them up for lesson's I didn't want to go. 

My Mom was shopping one day in the summer of 2001 and she came across a classical music CD for Piano. I wil never forget that night coming home when my Mom first played that CD in the car. The first song I heard was Fur Elise by Ludwig Von Beethoven. My ears and heart had completely changed after that night. I begged my piano teacher to teach me this song, but I was not anywhere near that level, but I had passion to learn this song. I even convinced my instructor to teach me. I practiced the song for hours until it was perfected. 

That was the day when God changed my life. Music has always helped define me as an individual, and cope with difficulties that often come up in life. I now use my talent to lift His name on High. Please make plans to join us for Worship during one of our various worship times. We have a blended Worship service, and a variety of contemporary to traditional music for you to worship our Lord and Savior.