Senior Adult Ministry


 Empowering Pursuits In Christ


E.P.I.C. is what we call our Senior Adult Ministry. The word EPIC means a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds. As Senior adults when we look back over the mountains that we have overcome we begin to see that the road lead to a higher more powerful meaning for us. We begin to truly know what it means to be on the mountain top walking hand in hand with God. The road is narrow that we walk as believers that lead us to where God is. We know that we are hero's in God's service by reading and staying in His word that brings us all closer to Him. Senior Adults have the ability to help the younger generations deal and overcome the mountains that we all face in our lives. 


At Highland First Baptist Church we have two classes that our Senior Adults can connect with. We have our ladies class which is full of upbeat women connecting together not only on Sunday's, but throughout the week to lift each other up in spirit. They Study out of our LifeStudy Sunday School Book. This group of ladies study together and have indepth conversations about how to live life to the fullest in Jesus Christ

We also have our Men's class that meets on Sunday Mornings. These men study out of our LifeStudy Sunday School Book. They discuss various topics centered around Jesus Christ on how to lead, not only their homes successfully (using Christ as a guide), but leading the church as well. 

Please make plans to join us on a Sunday Morning at 9:45. Have questions? Please fill out our contact page form and one of our staff members will contact you just as soon as possible.