Student Ministry (Youth)

 Meet our Youth Pastor

Jordan Warren



 Hi, My name is Jordan Warren and I am the Youth Pastor at Highland First Baptist Church. I am currently 22 years of age, and I am attending college with the online program at "The Baptist College of Florida". After I gain my bachelor's degree I will pursue my Masters at "Southern Baptist Theological Seminary", then I would like to the pursue my PHD in Theological studies. 





In my life I have been influenced by men in the failth such as, Roy Braddock (My Grandfather), R.C. Sproul, Charles Spurgeon, John Piper, Frances Chan, and David Jeremiah. My Grandfather is the one who challenged me the most to grow spiritually, and search out the scriptures for the truth instead of men. I believe men of God can be role models, and an important key, put in our lives by God in order to grow us spiritually , but we should always line their words up with scripture. 
My God given Goal for the Youth Group at Highland First Baptist Church is to help them grow spiritually and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, moving on from "Elementary Doctrines" as the writer of Hebrews puts it.