Pre-School Ministry

God's Smallest Peeps....

Pre-School Sunday School

I know you must be wondering where do I go with my pre-schooler when I arrive? The best part about our campus is we all go to the same place for Sunday School. Our Children's and Adult Sunday School is located directly behind our Sanctuary. Upon arrival on our campus you and your family will be escorted to your classes together. Your child(ren) will be checked in to their teacher first so that you will know where they are at all times. Then, you will be taken to your class and introduced. 

Highland First Baptist was originally designed with the upmost care of our members in mind. As parents it can be unnerving trying to make sure everyone is taken care of. Our Sunday School wing is in very close proximety with all other classes. Should you need to check on your child at any point they are only footsteps from you. We believe that the more comfortable you are as a parent, the more you will enjoy the ministries designed with you in mind. 

Our Pre-school department is equipped with two teachers in each class so that should your child simply need you, or on an emergency basis, there will always be someone to come retrieve you from your class while the other children are still tended too as well. 



Pre-School Children's Church

After Sunday School is over your pre-schooler will be taken to the first two rows of our sanctuary and seated with our Children's Church workers. This way they can enjoy our thriving worship service and get a feel for how "BIG" Church works (as they call it). During our fellowship time they will be taken to the main area in our Sunday School Department for their Church designed just with their age group in mind. 

Post the Worship Service you may pick up your child(ren) in the same area you dropped them off in when you arrived that morning, directly behind our sanctuary. 

Nursery Is Available During All Worship Services and Sunday School